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About Us


Indopisces Exotica established in 2000. But, the owner and the staffs itself have been familiar with the ornamental fish since 1980’s.

The company name itself, Indopisces Exotica, taken from the word PISCES which is the highest family of all aquatic animal which mean that our company want to service our customer with as much as possible of all exotic fishes, mainly from land and sea of Indonesia to the whole world.


Our Commitment

Related to TRUST and QUALITY, and also SERVICES felt by our VVIP Customers, so that Indopisces Exotica look further to improve the quality and the quantity of the services. To bring the best satisfaction for the VVIP Customers we provide the new building in our new location. The building will be consists of our headquarters, showroom (aquarium racks, ponds of freshwater and marine fishes/invertebrates, soft corals, hard corals), with a laboratory, and also completed with the wide packing areas.


Corporate Workers Responsibility

Our staffs also need a reliable and adequate good rest and ideal life also, so that Indopisces Exotica provides a decent, clean, and spacious dormitory for the living needs of our staffs.


Corporate Social Responsibility

For supporting GO GREEN campaign, in addition to its location close to Cisadane River which run through the town, we also do recycling water by moving the dirty water from the fish care to the ‘absorption ponds’ which make the water absorbed back to the soil and not wasted futile.

To minimize the risk of flooding, the main road outside and inside the building using the paving block material to makes the rain water absorbed easily. Outside of the building we got a small lakes that act like a water absorption area, and inside the building we got so many water absorption areas too.



For seeing the latest products of our ornamental fishes, please do visit on Product section. In the other hand, if you want to discuss anything about tropical fishes, please do visit to the Fish Talk section above, we just not accept the expert in the Fish Talk, but we also accept the beginner to share your knowledge about fishes. The last, if you need to contact us, try to visit the Contact Us section.